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Redhead’s Specialty Gourmet Bakery, LLC
[This is not a physical retail store.]
Helotes, TX 78023
Corp: (210) 216 7723


Your Feedback Really Matters:

Our Select Bakeries ‘Create to Perfection’, And With Love, Our Topsy-Turvy Chocolate-Coffee Liqueur Cookie-Cake. We sincerely hope you enjoy IT!


Myrna Rae’s Unique, Sculptured, Designer Cookie-Cakes and Food Containers under which she holds Numerous Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks (Since 2005) Include the Specialty Commercial Bakery Pans, Tailgater Sink, Physical Cookie-Cakes, Pizzas and the physical dies that make the Bakery pans for the Football Helmet Shapes and numerous other design styles such as the Baby Bootee, Topsy-Turvy, Santa, Millie’s Basket, Etc. Also included are other football and holiday food containers.

Our Confidentiality Guarantee:
Redheads Specialty Gourmet Bakery, LLC, Myrna Rae’s Memory Makers, or its other companies, does not lease, sell, transfer or convey your personal information or that of your ‘guest’ recipient to any third, unrelated, party.  Myrna Rae Brands reserves the right to submit special offers for any of its various products to consumers who purchase Myrna Rae BRAND products and to whom products are shipped. 

Dear Customers, Please don’t be confused:
Myrna Rae’s Topsy-Turvy Cookie-Cake is NOT the size of a ‘cupcake’!

It is 11 ½” high ‘x’ 9” wide ‘x’ 1” deep! Serves 6


Cupcakes Good. Topsy-Turvy: Great!!

A Special Thank You ... to all who have made this entire bakery project a huge success for many years (in alphabetical order): Amy – our decorator, Bob - my late husband of 38 years who was always there like each of the others, Brenda, Carol, Lindsay and Maggie. Maggie & Brenda have been with me since 2001 – eighteen years of blood, sweat, tears, laughter and celebration.

Thank You ...
Myrna Rae