Proudly Featured In The Pioneer Woman Magazine Fall 2018 Issue September/ October

Guarantee & Discount Registration

Product Guarantee: “We guarantee our products are produced with only the finest, freshest, wholesome ingredients and do not add artificial preservatives. Cookie-Cakes with a liqueur have only a minimal amount of liqueur just for flavoring and we use only high quality, recognizable brand name liqueurs."

Shipping Guarantee: “Our products are shipped via FedEx for expedited, food-safe handling and delivery and are appropriately insured. Please NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY IF YOUR DELIVERY DOES NOT ARRIVE ON THE DATE SPECIFIED OR IF FOR ANY REASON IT ARRIVES DAMAGED. OUR ‘COOKIE-CRUMB GUARANTEE’ assures our wonderful customers that the cookie-cake or other bakery products we produce and ship will arrive in ‘perfect’ condition or we will immediately replace the item at no additional cost.”

Myrna Rae